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Xiaomi surpassed Apple in Europe due to impressive growth

Xiaomi surpassed Apple in Europe due to impressive growth

Xiaomi has overtaken Apple in terms of market share in the European battlefield, according to Canalis’ Quarter 1 2021 smartphone insight. The Chinese smartphone brand is now the second largest in Europe after Samsung.

According to the Android Authority, Xiaomi now owns 23 percent of the European region, up from 19 percent of Apple. Apple has seen 85 percent year-over-year growth in Europe compared to 22 percent.

It is important to note that Apple has maintained its presence in the region for more than a decade, and that the Chinese company is a new entrant to Europe. However, the product offerings from both companies are also different, with Xiaomi offering budget phones and focusing on its Cupertino rival premium smartphone segment.

However, Apple still holds the second largest market share in Western Europe, with a market share of 25 percent compared to Xiaomi’s 17 percent. So much of Xiaomi’s market share can be attributed to Eastern Europe.

However, Europe is a major market for smartphones and this event marks a significant victory for the Chinese brand.

In addition, it should look at how other smartphone brands in the region are performing and whether Xiaomi will be able to surpass Samsung, the European market leader with a 35 percent market share.

Oppo also followed in Xiaomi’s footsteps, growing 153 percent year-over-year in Europe and 197 percent in Western Europe this year.

On the other hand, Huawei, troubled by US sanctions, is still struggling with a negative growth rate of 81 percent in Europe.

It is still unclear what really contributed to Xiaomi’s sudden growth and whether Huawei’s sudden decline led the Chinese brand to take advantage of the European region.





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